Best Cute Good Night Quotes For Her

Good Night Quotes For Her

Enjoy these hand-picked Good Night Quotes For Her and touch his soul with your words!

Limited mind, this is the problem of many people, open your mind, dream, think, imagine, face … The demons of your mind …

If you limit yourself to what? Open your mind, make up, dream, think.

If nothing went well for you yesterday, try again today. Create expectation, plan, dream. Just do not give up! Giving up is characteristic of people who have learned to live in failure.

Be happy, sad, cry, smile, kiss, hug, fight lose, win, dream, accomplish … today! Because yesterday is gone and the morning may not come!

But is the dream that makes us live
intensely …
then permits,
and dream again
The dream of us!

Dream because dreams come true

Do not allow fear and pain to stop you from dreaming, just dream of crying and crying above all things alive ….

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Love yourself! Dream! Free yourself! Believe it! Believe it!
To live is to reach flights beyond our limits.

Dream! Dream a lot! But, never let a dream die on paper or inside your head.

Earn by donating and dream-making, put your faith into action.

Think Dream
Make plans
but do not you dare talk
Whisper to the soul
Let the heart decipher
the look show
And time takes care
From putting in place
all settles
all molds … just surrender

A dream of love I want to live
because I know that you alone are able to stay with me.
I had no inspiration, joy, much less
come, accept me as your new future
know your side, the happier I will be
living a love that always dreamed.
Be utopian, dream, fantasize and make sure everything will work out, you are the builder of your future, make fiction a lasting reality, believe me, you are capable of transforming utopia into truth

Go ahead, live, dream, fight, risk and learn … everything is just the game of life!

To dream is to envisage a future that will make our lives more pleasant, so dream, but dream awake and strive for these dreams to come true, on the contrary, it is better to continue dreaming just asleep.

I love you beyond my imagination, not because I’ve learned to love you, but because as much as I dream, you’re even better than the dream!

Always dream, always want to go beyond your dreams, because only the dreamer is who gets what he truly wants.

Dream and love intensely, it might last a second, or, an eternity!
But remember be true always!

Dream with me
Every day and night
Take me in your thoughts
at all times be with you

First dream, realize them maybe. Some are nightmares.

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Dream …
Sit in the waiting room of the achievements of your dreams wildest.
Wait and give yourself body and soul to what fate will prepare you.
Make your wait as pleasant as possible.

Dream and make it happen, and if need be, start over and do not stop as far as you need to go.

DREAM MUCH, as much as you can, but never forget to put the LORD in front of all of them, this will be your SUCCESS cause

If you are not dreaming, you must be sleeping. Wake up and dream!

Dream big, dream big, high enough to make your dream so high that it will propel you off the ground and go to the fight.

If it is to dream, dream of what seems impossible and see all this become reality right in front of your eyes.

Think, dream, whatever you want.

Dream big, you will not pay anything for your dreams.

“To dream does not pay taxes and does not force you to anything, so dream, thoughts attract reality, and bring you closer to your wishes.”

Smile, play, cry, kiss, die of love, feel, dream, scream and, above all, live. The end is not always the end; Life is not always real; The past has not always passed; The present was not always present and today is not always the now.
All that goes, goes back, and comes back because it is made of love.

No matter what size of dreams you have, dream hard. Even if your dreams do not come true exactly as you wished, know that they will come true in the way God intended to be: Best for you!! The will is of the man, but of God to realize it.

10 Amazing Places to Travel To Visit In The World

Amazing Places to Travel

Traveling is one of the best ways to spend money. There are some places and travel activities that have an expiration date, meaning you are advised to do them before the age of 30.
And the reason for the 30-year mark is because once you reach this age, these trips do not seem viable, either because of recklessness, physical activity, or because it is simply something for a young person. And in this selection are highlighted the 10 amazing places to travel before the age of 30.

Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Songkran Festival celebrates the Thai New Year, and this holiday is celebrated with a giant water fight. Yes, they use showers, buckets of water, hoses, basically anything that carries water and is used to discharge into another person.
And the reason for doing so, traditionally in Thailand, sprinkling water on another person is considered a blessing and also positive desires. This has turned into one of the biggest water battles in the world.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Carnival happens annually, and it’s basically a big festival that happens well before Lent. It occurs in every country but has traditionally been held in Rio de Janeiro since 1723. This long-standing tradition allows the samba schools to parade, with floats, extravagant costumes, and tons of music. These parades are very different from the common ones.

New Orleans, Louisiana to Mardi Gras

It would be possible to go to New Orleans at any time, but it will not be the same when you are 20 years old. When you are young, and you do not mind walking drunk all day on Bourbon St, you can not miss this place.
NOLA is a crazy place, and Mardi Gras is the best time to be there. The floats are amazing. And there is music literally everywhere.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Clubs, pool parties, strip clubs, games, more drinking. This is what Vegas looks like to someone in their twenties. When you are over 30 years old, everything that the city has to offer will not be done. You can just play, maybe watch a show. Yes, the person will drink, but the probability is that you do not drink as much as if you were 20 years old.

Cape Town, South Africa

There are tons of things to do in Cape Town, and if the first thing to think about is not a Safari, weird. But if that does not seem so exciting or full of adrenaline, there is always bungee jumping from the Bloukran bridge, which is the highest bungee jumping bridge in the world. Cape Town, South Africa, is not for the faint of heart.

Inca Trail in Peru

The Inca Trail is a 4 to 5 day trek that takes you to Machu Picchu. There is an option of using a direct train to Machu Picchu, but what is the reason for doing so when there is a trail that the Incas have designated to see the scenery and beauty that is on this trail?

Zipline in Costa Rica

There is a lot that Costa Rica has to offer, it is possible to stay on the beaches, maybe swim in the waterfall, but if you are really adventurous, you will descend on a zipline. However, for those who hate height, it might not be a good idea.

Hiking in the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

The walk on the volcano is an incredible experience, one that stays forever in memory. And this is not the same as hiking on the mountain. The terrain is a little more difficult to climb. At first, it presents the consistency of sand, and then the volcanic rocks appear which are aerated and felt like when skiing them below.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Of course you should go to Amsterdam it is one of the amazing Places to visit when you are young, when you can only blame bad decisions in youth and naivety. Is it necessary to participate in drug district and red light? Not if you do not want to. But it’s their kind of thing. There is also a rich history in the city, but those walking tours are likely to be filled by older people as young people will be enjoying Best Places to Travel the debauchery down the street.

Spring Break (Panama City Beach, Cancun, or Punta Cana)

Ideally, one should take this trip in college, and it may not be so strange in the first or second year of postgraduate life, but after that, Spring Break is out of consideration. At least the kind of Spring Break I would have as someone from college. She is insane and gross, and a ridiculously appointed trip. Memories will last a lifetime. Friends that go together will share this time for years ahead. And this will be the time of your life, even if it never comes back again.

Top 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

Most Expensive Foods

The power of the concept is controversial, since the food can be simple and meet a lot with a simple breakfast prepared breakfast, pizza for lunch or BBQ dinner, but can also be very sophisticated, and this selection are the 10 most expensive foods of the world. See also our list of the best and most expensive restaurants in the world.

Mattake or Matsutake Mushrooms – $ 1,000

This is the most expensive mushroom in the world today. This is a highly coveted mycorrhizal mushroom that can be found in Asia, North America and Europe, especially in Japan, Korea, China, Canada, the United States, Sweden and Finland. The most popular is the one associated with the Japanese Red Pine

Westin Hotel Bagel – US $ 1,000

This bagel is not so different from the ordinary bagel. This creation by Frank Tujague, the Executive Chef of the Westlin Hotel in New York, includes a small amount of white truffle cream cheese and goji berry, infused with Riesling jelly that has golden leaves. The exorbitant price is truffle, since this Italian fungus is one of the most expensive food items in the world.

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata – US $ 1,000

Omelettes are very easy to prepare, requiring only a few eggs, with some other desired ingredient. However, at Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York, the restaurant called Norma’s made a big leap forward by including lobster claws and 10 grams of Sevruga caviar in 6 eggs.

Craftsteak’s Wagyu Ribeye Steak – US $ 2,800

Wagyu beef is an item sought after by its high percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Genetic predisposition also allows it to have an acceptable ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fats.
The best of the lot is from Kobe, embossed in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. The cows raised there are fed with beer and are massaged regularly to ensure a certain tenderness.

Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana Curry – US $ 3,200

in the list of Most Expensive Foods¬†one of is Bombay Brassiere has decided to create a curry dish for the winners of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, And includes Devon crab, white truffle, Beluga caviar in gold leaf, as well as Scottish clams covered with gold, 4 abalones, and 4 quail eggs stuffed with more caviar.

Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007 – US $ 4,200

Domenico Crolla is a Scottish chef known for putting portraits on his pizza creations. He decided to create the Pizza Royale 007, although the James Bond movie producers did not order the same.
The establishment featured 12 inches of pie, filled with marinated marinades in cognac, carivar soaked in champagne, tomato sauce, scotch salmon, prosciutto, stag medallions, and vintage balsamic vinegar, and there are 24 carats of gold flakes.

Densuke Black Watermelon US $ 6,100

Black watermelons are rare items, especially the Densuke variety that is only grown on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. Harvesting will typically yield only a few dozen fruits. What makes it special, beyond its rarity, is the perfect hardness and crispness, more, the degree of sweetness that is unparalleled.


Yubari King Melons – US $ 22,872

Orange Yubari King melons are coveted by proportion and sweetness. These items are so sought after that auctions are actually conducted for your purchase.

Souls Caviar – $ 25,000

The Almas caviar is an extremely rare food from Iran. Caviars are already expensive at first, but the rarity of this item makes it even more expensive. In fact, even finding a store that sells this item is like getting a needle in the haystack.
The only known store to have this item is Caviar House & Prunier located in Picadilly, London. The store packs the caviar based on kilo, and puts it in a can made of 24 carat gold.

Italian White Alba Truffle – US $ 160,406

Truffles are high-cost items, but none are as adored as the white Italian alba version. These items have become difficult to grow, explaining the exorbitant price, being this truffle leader in the selection of the 10 most expensive foods in the world. Truffles are species of subterranean fungi with a striking aroma and taste, enjoyed by chefs of luxurious restaurant kitchens.
A huge white albino truffle around 1.51 kg was once sold for over $ 160,000. A retail investor from Hong Kong and his wife bought the truffle.