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Limited mind, this is the problem of many people, open your mind, dream, think, imagine, face … The demons of your mind …

If you limit yourself to what? Open your mind, make up, dream, think.

If nothing went well for you yesterday, try again today. Create expectation, plan, dream. Just do not give up! Giving up is characteristic of people who have learned to live in failure.

Be happy, sad, cry, smile, kiss, hug, fight lose, win, dream, accomplish … today! Because yesterday is gone and the morning may not come!

But is the dream that makes us live
intensely …
then permits,
and dream again
The dream of us!

Dream because dreams come true

Do not allow fear and pain to stop you from dreaming, just dream of crying and crying above all things alive ….

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Love yourself! Dream! Free yourself! Believe it! Believe it!
To live is to reach flights beyond our limits.

Dream! Dream a lot! But, never let a dream die on paper or inside your head.

Earn by donating and dream-making, put your faith into action.

Think Dream
Make plans
but do not you dare talk
Whisper to the soul
Let the heart decipher
the look show
And time takes care
From putting in place
all settles
all molds … just surrender

A dream of love I want to live
because I know that you alone are able to stay with me.
I had no inspiration, joy, much less
come, accept me as your new future
know your side, the happier I will be
living a love that always dreamed.
Be utopian, dream, fantasize and make sure everything will work out, you are the builder of your future, make fiction a lasting reality, believe me, you are capable of transforming utopia into truth

Go ahead, live, dream, fight, risk and learn … everything is just the game of life!

To dream is to envisage a future that will make our lives more pleasant, so dream, but dream awake and strive for these dreams to come true, on the contrary, it is better to continue dreaming just asleep.

I love you beyond my imagination, not because I’ve learned to love you, but because as much as I dream, you’re even better than the dream!

Always dream, always want to go beyond your dreams, because only the dreamer is who gets what he truly wants.

Dream and love intensely, it might last a second, or, an eternity!
But remember be true always!

Dream with me
Every day and night
Take me in your thoughts
at all times be with you

First dream, realize them maybe. Some are nightmares.

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Dream …
Sit in the waiting room of the achievements of your dreams wildest.
Wait and give yourself body and soul to what fate will prepare you.
Make your wait as pleasant as possible.

Dream and make it happen, and if need be, start over and do not stop as far as you need to go.

DREAM MUCH, as much as you can, but never forget to put the LORD in front of all of them, this will be your SUCCESS cause

If you are not dreaming, you must be sleeping. Wake up and dream!

Dream big, dream big, high enough to make your dream so high that it will propel you off the ground and go to the fight.

If it is to dream, dream of what seems impossible and see all this become reality right in front of your eyes.

Think, dream, whatever you want.

Dream big, you will not pay anything for your dreams.

“To dream does not pay taxes and does not force you to anything, so dream, thoughts attract reality, and bring you closer to your wishes.”

Smile, play, cry, kiss, die of love, feel, dream, scream and, above all, live. The end is not always the end; Life is not always real; The past has not always passed; The present was not always present and today is not always the now.
All that goes, goes back, and comes back because it is made of love.

No matter what size of dreams you have, dream hard. Even if your dreams do not come true exactly as you wished, know that they will come true in the way God intended to be: Best for you!! The will is of the man, but of God to realize it.

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